Cisco GLC-ZX-SM Compatible 1000BASE-ZX SFP 1550nm 80km Transceiver Module


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Cisco GLC-ZX-SM Compatible 1000BASE-ZX SFP Transceiver Module (SMF, 1550nm, 80km, LC)

Cisco Compatible: GLC-ZX-SM                         Vendor Name: VOGZONE

Form Factor: SFP                                 Max Data Rate: 1000Mbps

Wavelength: 1550nm                                 Max Cable Distance: 80km*

Connector: LC duplex                                 Optical Components: DFB 1550nm

Media: SMF                                         DOM Support: Yes

TX Power: 0~5dBm                                 Receiver Sensitivity: < -24dBm

Commercial Temperature Range: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

Protocols: SFF-8472 MSA Compliant, IEEE 802.3ah-2004


Platform Support

Cisco GLC-ZX-SM is supported on a wide range of Cisco equipment.


Cisco WS-C3850-48XS

Cisco WS-C2960CG-8TC-L

Cisco IE-2000-16TC-G-X

Cisco 3900 EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU

Cisco 7600 WS-SUP32-GE-3B

Cisco WS-C2960S-48TD-L

Cisco IE-5000-12S12P-10G

Cisco 6500 VS-S720-10G-3CXL

Cisco 1921 EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU

Cisco 7300-NSE-150

Cisco IE-2000-4TS-G-B

Cisco WS-C2940-8TF-S

Cisco 4500 WS-X4624-SFP-E

Cisco WS-C3750-24TS

Cisco WS-C3560G-24TS

Cisco 1941 HWIC-1GE-SFP

Cisco IE 2000U-16TC-G-X

Cisco Nexus 7000 N77-F348XP-23

Cisco 6500 C6800-SUP6T

Cisco C6800-16P10G(-XL)

Cisco A901-12-C-FT-D

Cisco WS-C3560E-48TD

Cisco WS-C3560CG-8PC-S

Cisco WS-C4500X-32SFP+

Cisco IE-2000-8TC-G-L

Cisco Nexus 7000 N7K-M148GS-11

Cisco WS-C2960S-48LPS-L

Cisco WS-C3650-48PS

Cisco WS-C3560X-48P

Cisco WS-C2960XR-48LPD-I

Cisco WS-C2970G-24TS-E

Cisco IE-2000-4TS-G-L

Cisco 3900 SM-D-ES3G-48-P

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-1K-K9

Cisco IE-3000-4TC

Cisco IE-2000-16TC-G-N

Cisco WS-C2960-48TC-L

Cisco WS-C2960-24PC-L

Cisco WS-C3650-48TQ

Cisco WS-C3750E-48PDF with CVR-X2-SFP

Cisco WS-C2960C-8TC-L

Cisco 3900 HWIC-1GE-SFP

Cisco 6500 VS-S2T-10G

Cisco WS-C3560CX-8TC-S

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-100-K9

Cisco 3800 NME-XD-48ES-2S-P

Cisco WS-C3560CX-12PC-S

Cisco WS-C3560CX-12PD-S

Cisco IE 2000U-16TC-GP

Cisco WS-C2960C-12PC-L

Cisco WS-C3560V2-24PS

Cisco 2600 NME-XD-24ES-1S-P

Cisco CISCO892F-K9

Cisco IE-4000-4S8P4G-E

Cisco A901-6CZ-F-A

Cisco WS-C2960X-48LPD-L

Cisco 4500 WS-X4506-GB-T

Cisco 2960S-F48TS-L

Cisco A901-4C-F-D

Cisco C6800-SUP6T

Cisco C6800IA-48TD

Cisco WS-C4500X-16SFP+

Cisco IE-4000-4GC4GP4G-E

Cisco WS-C2960S-24TD-L

Cisco WS-C2960X-48LPS-L

Cisco WS-C2960XR-48FPD-I

Cisco WS-C3560E-48PD

Cisco WS-C2960S-48TS-L

Cisco WS-C2960S-48LPD-L

Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PS-I

Cisco 4500 WS-X4448-GB-SFP

Cisco IE-4000-4GS8GP4G-E

Cisco A901-6-CZ-FT-D

Cisco C6800IA-48FPD

Cisco WS-C4500X-40X-ES

Cisco ME-3800X-24FS-M (client ports)

Cisco 6500 WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL

Cisco WS-C3750X-24S with C3KX-NM-10G and C3KX-SM-10G network modules

Cisco WS-C2960X-48FPD-L

Cisco WS-C3560-48PS

Cisco IE 2000U-16TC-G

Cisco WS-C4500X-24X-ES

Cisco WS-C3850-48XS-F-E

Cisco WS-C3750G-24TS

Cisco 4900 WS-X4908 with CVR-X2-SFP Twin Gig converterCisco 6500 WS-SUP720

Cisco 4400 4351

Cisco WS-C2960S-48FPD-L

Cisco WS-C2960X-24PD-L

Cisco WS-C3560-24PS

Cisco 4500 WS-X4013+10GE

Cisco IE-4000-8GT4G-E

Cisco WS-C2960G-24TC-L

Cisco 2500 CGS-2520-16S-8PC

Cisco WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L

Cisco 2900 SM-D-ES3-48-P

Cisco WS-C3560V2-48PS

Cisco 2900 SM-D-ES3G-48-P

Cisco WS-C3750X-48PF with C3KX-NM-1G and C3KX-NM-10G network modules

Cisco WS-C3560X-48PF with C3KX-NM-10G and C3KX-SM-10G network modules

Cisco ME-3400-24TS-D

Cisco WS-C3750-48TS

Cisco WS-C3750X-48T

Cisco IE 2000U-8TC-G

Cisco WS-C2960X-24TD-L

Cisco IE-2000U-4S-G

Cisco 7600 WS-X6748-SFP

Cisco WS-C3750E-24PD

Cisco WS-C2960XR-24TS-I

Cisco 6500 WS-X6848-SFP-2T

Cisco 4400 4321

Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP8L-E

Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP7L-E

Cisco WS-C3650-48TS

Cisco WS-C3750X-24P

Cisco WS-C3650-48PQ

Cisco WS-C2960S-24PD-L

Cisco 3945

Cisco 2500 CGS-2520-24TC

Cisco 7600 WS-SUP720-3B

Cisco 4400 4331

Cisco 6500 WS-X6748-SFP

Cisco WS-C3750G-48PS

Cisco ME-3600X-24TS-M (SFP+ ports)

Cisco WS-C3560-12PC-S

Cisco IE-4000-16T4G-E

Cisco C6800IA-48FPDR

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-250-K9

Cisco 7600 WS-SUP720-3BXL

Cisco IE-4000-4TC4G-E


Cisco 1921 HWIC-1GE-SFP

Cisco 2800 NME-XD-24ES-1S-P

Cisco 3700 NME-XD-48ES-2S-P

Cisco 6500 ME-C6524GT-8S

Cisco WS-C2960S-24TS-L

Cisco WS-C2960XR-24TD-I

Cisco ME-3400EG-12CS-M

Cisco IE-4000-8GS4G-E

Cisco WS-C3560G-48TS

Cisco WS-C3560V2-24TS

Cisco WS-C2960C-8PC-L

Cisco WS-C2960+24TC-L

Cisco WS-C2960X-48FPS-L

Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP6L-E with CVR-X2-SFP Twin Gig converter

Cisco WS-C3850-32XS with C3850-NM-8-10G NM

Cisco 2000 CGR 2010 (router onboard ethernet)

Cisco 4400 4431

Cisco WS-C2950ST-8 LRE

Cisco WS-C3560G-24PS

Cisco WS-C3850-48XS-E

Cisco A901-6CZ-F-D

Cisco WS-C2960G-48TC-L

Cisco 4500 WS-X4516-10GE

Cisco WS-C3750E-24TD

Cisco WS-C3650-24TS

Cisco 3800 NME-XD-24ES-1S-P

Cisco ME-3400G-12CS-D

Cisco 4500 WS-X4712-SFP-E

Cisco Nexus 7000 N7K-F132XP-15

Cisco 6500 VS-S720-10G-3C

Cisco 4900 WS-4928-10GE

Cisco 7600 RSP720-10GE

Cisco ME-3400-24FS-A

Cisco WS-C3560-24TS

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-500-K9

Cisco WS-C3560X-48P

Cisco WS-C3650-48FD

Cisco A901-6-CZ-FT-A

Cisco WS-C3650-48FS

Cisco 2900 HWIC-1GE-SFP

Cisco 3925

Cisco A901-12C-F-D

Cisco 2000 GRWIC-D-ES-2S-8PC

Cisco IE-5000-16S12P

Cisco IE-2000-8TC-G-B

Cisco WS-C3560CX-8PC-S

Cisco C4KX-NM-8SFP+

Cisco 6500 WS-SUP32-GE-PISA

Cisco WS-C3560E-12D with CVR-X2-SFP

Cisco WS-C3650-24PD

Cisco WS-C3560X-48T

Cisco 6500 WS-X6904-40G-2TXL

Cisco WS-C2960+48PST-L

Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP7-E

Cisco 2800 HWIC-1GE-SFP

Cisco WS-C2960G-8TC-L

Cisco WS-C3560-8PC

Cisco 3825

Cisco IE-4000-8T4G-E

Cisco WS-C3560CX-12TC-S

Cisco WS-C4500X-F-32SFP+

Cisco 7600 RSP720-3CXL-GE

Cisco WS-C3750-24WFS

Cisco WS-C3750G-48TS

Cisco IE-2000-16TC-G-E

Cisco WS-C3560X-24P

Cisco WS-C2960X-48TD-L

Cisco WS-C3850-48XS-S

Cisco 2921

Cisco IE-2000-16PTC-G-L

Cisco WS-C2960+24LC-L

Cisco WS-C3850-16XS

Cisco WS-C2960-24TC-L

Cisco IE-3000-8TC

Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S

Cisco WS-C2950ST-24 LRE

Cisco IE-4000-4T4P4G-E

Cisco IE-2000-4S-TS-G-B

Cisco 6500 WS-X6904-40G-2T

Cisco 6500 C6800-SUP6T-XL

Cisco WS-C3750V2-24FS (uplink ports)

Cisco Nexus 7000 N7K-M148GS-11L

Cisco IE-4000-16GT4G-E

Cisco WS-C2960XR-48FPS-I

Cisco WS-C3750X-48PF with C3KX-NM-10G and C3KX-SM-10G network modules

Cisco WS-C2960X-24PS-L

Cisco WS-C3560E-24PD

Cisco WS-C3650-48PD

Cisco WS-C2960X-24TS-L

Cisco WS-C3560E-12SD

Cisco ME-3400EG-2CS-A

Cisco ME-2400-24TS-A

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-25-K9

Cisco WS-C3750X-12S

Cisco WS-C3750-24PS

Cisco WS-C3560-48TS

Cisco WS-C3560X-24T

Cisco 3900 SM-D-ES2-48

Cisco 4900 WS-C4948E(-F)

Cisco WS-C3560C-8PC-S

Cisco WS-C3750-24FS-S

Cisco WS-C3560E-12SD with CVR-X2-SFP

Cisco WS-C2960-48PST-L

Cisco WS-C2960CX-8TC-L

Cisco WS-C3850-24XS

Cisco 4500 WS-X4606-X2 with CVR-X2-SFP Twin Gig converter

Cisco 4500 WS-X4612-SFP-E

Cisco Nexus 7000 N7K-F248XP-25

Cisco 2951

Cisco 7300 CISCO7301

Cisco 2800 NME-XD-48ES-2S-P

Cisco 2900 EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU

Cisco C6800-48P-SFP

Cisco IE-2000-8TC-G-E

Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M (SFP ports)

Cisco WS-C3560G-48PS

Cisco IE-2000-16PTC-G-NX

Cisco WS-C3750V2-24TS

Cisco ME-3400E-24TS-M

Cisco WS-C3560E-48PDF with CVR-X2-SFP

Cisco IE-4000-8GT8GP4G-E

Cisco WS-C3560CX-8XPD-S

Cisco IE 2000U-4TS-G

Cisco 4400 4451-X

Cisco IE-4000-8S4G-E

Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP8-E

Cisco WS-C2960XR-48LPS-I

Cisco IE-2000-16PTC-G-E

Cisco 3800 HWIC-1GE-SFP

Cisco IE-2000-8TC-G-N

Cisco 2960S-F24TS-L

Cisco 4500 WS-X4724-SFP-E

Cisco WS-C2960CX-8PC-L

Cisco WS-C3560V2-48TS

Cisco 6500 VS-S2T-10G-XL

Cisco C6800-SUP6T-XL

Cisco 7300 7304-NPE-G100

Cisco C6880-X

Cisco Nexus 7000 N7K-F248XP-25E

Cisco 4500 WS-X4640-CSFP-E

Cisco ME-3400-24TS-A

Cisco 1941 EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU

Cisco 6500 WS-SUP720-3BXL

Cisco C3850-NM-4-1G uplink module

Cisco WS-C4500X-F-16SFP+

Cisco 2960S-F48FPS-L

Cisco WS-C3850-48XS-F-S

Cisco WS-C3750V2-48PS

Cisco WS-C3750V2-48TS

Cisco WS-C2960XR-48TD-I

Cisco IE-2000-4S-TS-G-L

Cisco WS-C3650-48FQ

Cisco 7600 RSP720-3C-GE

Cisco 6500 WS-X6824-SFP-2TXL

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-HA-K9

Cisco 6500 WS-X6724-SFP

Cisco A901-4-C-FT-D

Cisco WS-C3750X-24S with C3KX-NM-1G and C3KX-NM-10G network modules

Cisco 2000 GRWIC-D-ES-6S

Cisco 2960S-F24PS-L

Cisco WS-C2960S-48FPS-L

Cisco WS-C3650-48TD

Cisco C6800-32P10G(-XL)

Cisco 2900 SM-D-ES2-48

Cisco 3700 NME-XD-24ES-1S-P

Cisco WS-C3560X-24T

Cisco C6800-8P10G(-XL)

Cisco 2900 WS-C2948G-GE-TX

Cisco 7600 WS-SUP720

Cisco WS-C3750E-48TD

Cisco 3750 ME-C3750-24TE-M

Cisco WS-C3650-24PS

Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PD-I

Cisco WS-C2950ST-24 LRE997

Cisco ME-3600X-24TS-M (SFP+ ports)

Cisco 4500 WS-X45-SUP6-E

Cisco 4500 WS-X4748-SFP-E

Cisco WS-C2960+48TC-L

Cisco WS-C3560X-24P

Cisco WS-C3750E-48PD

Cisco WS-C2960X-48TS-L

Cisco 6500 WS-X6824-SFP-2T

Cisco 4500 WS-X4712-SFP+E

Cisco 6500 WS-SUP32-10GE-3B

Cisco WS-C2960S-24PS-L

Cisco WS-C3750-48PS

Cisco WS-C3750V2-24PS

Cisco WS-C2960-8TC-L

Cisco 5700 WLC AIR-CT5760-50-K9

Cisco WS-C3560X-48PF with C3KX-NM-1G and C3KX-NM-10G network modules

Cisco 3900 SM-D-ES3-48-P

Cisco WS-C3560CG-8TC-S

Cisco WS-C3750X-24T

Cisco WS-C3560X-48T

Cisco IE-3010-16S-8PC

Cisco 12000 4GE-SFP-LC

Cisco ME-2400-24TS-D

Cisco 4900 WS-C4948

Cisco WS-C2975GS-48PS-L

Cisco 7600 WS-X6724-SFP

Cisco IE-3010-24TC

Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M

Cisco WS-C3750G-24PS

Cisco 4900 ME-4924-10GE

Cisco WS-C2960+24PC-L

Cisco ME-3400G-12CS-A

Cisco 2600 NME-XD-48ES-2S-P

Cisco CISCO892FW-K9

Cisco WS-C3560E-24TD

Cisco 6500 ME-C6524GS-8S

Cisco 2960S-F48LPS-L

Cisco WS-C2960XR-48TS-I

Cisco 4500 WS-X4013+TS

Cisco ME-3800X-24FS-M (SFP+ ports)

Cisco 3845

Cisco ME-3400G-2CS-A

Cisco IE-2000-16TC-G-L

Cisco WS-C3850-12XS

Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M

Cisco C6800-48P-SFP-XL

Cisco WS-C3650-24TD

Cisco WS-C3750G-12S

Cisco 6500 WS-SUP32-GE-3B

Cisco 6500 WS-SUP720-3B

Cisco WS-C3750X-48P

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